Practice Areas

We draw upon our experience, specialised training and qualifications to offer you a dedicated reliable professional confidential legal service which you can trust.   From pre-action stage to filing applications to preparing for trial we have you covered depending on your need. 

Anti-Money Laundering
Counter-Terrorism Financing
White Collar Crime

Are your charged with an AML crime under the Proceeds of Crime Act?

Are you subject to criminal or civil asset forfeiture proceedings?

Do you have questions regarding the Unexplained Wealth Orders or Civil Asset Forfeiture Orders?

Is your business the subject of AML compliance examination or enforcement action?

Do you run a business or non-profit organisation subject to AML/CFT laws? 

How does counter-financing of terrorism laws affect your business?

In this new developing area of law we are uniquely equipped to offer you specialist advice and representation.  Audit services are also provided.

Family Law


Are you contemplating separation/divorce?

Are you concerned about your children in a custody dispute or maintenance?

Are you wondering what happens to matrimonial assets?

Is your spouse failing to provide for you and your children?

We support and advise you on the law and your options and represent you before the court.


Judicial Review/Administrative Law/Constitutional Law

What are your constitutional rights?

Do you believe your rights have been infringed by the State or a decision making public body?

What is an abuse of power?

On what grounds can I challenge a decision which affects me and/or other persons? 

What is meant by natural justice?

What may be my remedies ?

Proceedings for Judicial review is an area of administrative law developed by which people can challenge the exercise of power by the State. Most times a person may be aggrieved by a decision which affects them and/or their livelihood or other persons - and this is where *prompt, confidential legal advice is necessary. 

*proceedings must be filed within 3 months of a disputed action.


Property Law

Do you have a boundary dispute with your neighbour?

Do you have a problem with trespassers on your property?

Is someone claiming a right to your property?

Do you need protection against an unlawful eviction?

Do you require an injunction to prevent someone causing damage on your property ?

Are you a Landlord requiring assistance with defaulting tenants? 

We offer you advice and representation before the courts on all these issues and more surrounding property/land law and landlord & tenant. 



So much of our lives are governed by contracts e.g. in business in the selling and offer of goods and services, as consumers or purchasers, as an employed person and the list can go on.


Do you need assistance in understanding a contract?

Do you need a contract drafted for your business?

Do you believe your rights have been infringed under a contract for goods or services or in an agreement with another?

What is an unfair term in a contract ?

What are my remedies for breach of contract?

How would I be able to recover a debt owing to me?


We offer you answers to all these questions and more. 

Personal Injury/Professional Negligence

Have you been in a road traffic accident?

Were you injured whilst working or at your workplace?

Did you suffer a fall in a public place?

Do you believe ​you have not received proper care or advice from any professional?

What are the standards to be expected from any professional?

How am I to be compensated for my injuries?

What other remedies might I have ?

These are some of the  common questions in times of great stress and turmoil.  Contact us for confidential legal advice so that we may discuss how to assist you.